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A Website Can Be Your Hardest Working Employee, If It's Intelligently Designed
And Clearly Compelling To Potential Prospects.


If you believe that form follows function, you've come to the right place. Because we design websites that are built to perform, not to win eye candy contests. With over 60 years of design & programming expertise combined, we can help you build a site that educates, compels and delivers.

Whether you need a marketing website to generate new business or a custom designed case management and tracking system we can build whatever you need.

CMS: How The
Right Content Management
Based Website
Can Save You Thousands
A Year.

Given the remarkable complexity inherent in building and main- taining a quality website, many law firms find themselves investing thousands of dollars a year just to make simple changes to their sites. In an era where new blog posts, content upgrades & web page additions can make the difference between ranking and not ranking for important keyword terms, it's become critical for law firms to have a

site that is easily altered.
Whether you're keen to generate new prospects through incisive blogging, compelling e-books or persuasive & enlightening emails, we can custom build the website of your dreams and make it easy and affordable for you to keep it updated with the most cutting edge information.

Do you already have something in mind? Are you keen for brand new ideas? Either way, let's discuss your goals and business needs.

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How Most
People Look At
Your Website.

While it's important to double check every detail on your site, it's critical to get the broad- strokes just right. That means easy to follow navigation, making sure content flows smoothly from left to right, and keeping content centered & above the fold, so prospects don't have to scroll to get the main thrust.

It also involves strategic calls to action to prompt inquiries. Your prospects don't just want an attorney who knows the law. They want a leader they can trust to take them through a difficult journey, safely.