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SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Rarely does a day go by when you don't hear about it, but, do you really understand what it is? Or how it works?

SEO means getting your site highly ranked, specifically for keywords that will generate the largest number of worth- while prospects.

This kind of ranking is highly competitive, especially for the words worth being highly ranked for. So, it's not only tough to get to the top, but, with the advent of “Google Places,” and the like, it's

gotten even more difficult. You can't pay the Search Engines for organic rankings. They utilize complicated equations called algorithms to shuffle through websites and assign rank. And, they do this on an ongoing basis, so you can be on page 2 for a key word on Tuesday and on page 1 by Wednesday.

What's The Difference
Search Engine Optimization
& Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click, on the other hand, is all about bidding. You create a number of text ads, add your keywords, pick a bid price and a

budget & voila, you're running Pay Per Click ads! Actually, it's not that simple, which is why we're here to help you do it correctly, right from the start. With vigilent testing and measured conversion analysis, targeted PPC can easily make a big difference in your company's bottom line. Let's discuss your company's goals and objectives and see if SEO and PPC makes sense for you.

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Seach Engine Optimization For Beginners.
#1. Back Links

Back links are critical to a website's ranking. You can try to get them by emailing other sites and offering to trade links, or joining websites that allow you to swap links, but that won't get you terribly far. That's because you need more than just raw links, i.e., having your web address or URL posted on someone's site. You need Anchored Text Links.

A great example of this is legal marketing solutions. This links to another site we own, and now is giving that site a better opportunity to rank for the keyword, “legal marketing solutions.” Call us for more information about back links at: 626-375-4043.