Search Engine Optimization for Bankruptcy Attorneys

What Search Engines Want

  1. high quality, topical content
    1. content should be well organized and easily accessible to visitors
    2. indepth articles or topics should be broken up into manageable pieces across pages
  2. reputation
    1. mature site that's been operational for an extended period of time
    2. incoming, unreciprocated links from reputable websites
  3. size
    1. when all else is equal, bigger is better
    2. when all else isn't equal, don't compensate with duplicated content (see I.)

Why Have A Website If No One Knows It's There?

Our philosophy of search engine optimization is simple. Create the site that search engines value.

No tricks. No hidden links or text. No doorway pages. No paid links/link farms. No keyword stuffing. No cloaking.

And we certainly don't subscribe to submitting your site to 10,000 worthless directories and search engines. Three matter: Google, Yahoo and Bing, in that order. (Check our results for Milwaukee Bankruptcy Center on .)