Sales Training & Closing

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How To Maximize The Amount Of New Business You Generate Utilizing Your
Existing New Business Streams & Lead Sources.

Sales Training and Closing

Whether you're new to the practive of law or you've been an attorney for several years, getting clients to make the leap from setting an appointment to signing a retainer can seem both lengthy and difficult, at times. You may have discussed their situation with them in detail by phone, spent even more time discussing their circumstances in person & find yourself repeatedly wondering why they have yet to make a commitment.
Is there a magical recipe for building rapport and increasing commitment with new clients? Well, it's not magical, but using a very targeted strategy can

both increase the number of new BKs you write and minimize the time wasted on clients who are destined to remain non-starters.

In One Hour, We'll Teach
You 10 Basic Steps
Designed To Help Increase
Your Closing Ratio.

If you're closing less than 35% of the prospects you talk to every month, this affordable, easy to follow, one-on-one* phone training may be just the thing you need to write more bankruptcies. This training is specifically designed for debt relief/bankruptcy firms and can be of particular value to firms utilizing

paralegals, legal assistants, and legal secretaries to initiate new business with inquiring bankruptcy prospects.

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*You May Have Up To 3
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The Psychology
Of Bankruptcy

You're on the phone with a bankruptcy prospect. Things seem to be going very well. You've gathered all of their basic asset, debt and financial information, summarized the difference between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 and now it's time to schedule an appointment. But, instead of working out a time, they tell you they need to discuss it with their husband, wife, sister, etc. And, you'll never hear from them again.

Winning a client's business usually happens in the first 5 minutes of the call. This is just one of major points we'll be breaking down, analyzing and helping you to handle more effectively.