Training & Closing

Winning a client's trust and business usually happens in the first 5 minutes of the call. Do you know what to say to maximize the liklihood that your prospect will actually become a viable bankruptcy case, rather than 20 minutes of your life you'll never get back? We break it down into 10 easy to follow steps.

How It Works


Design & Programming

Smart Attorneys know the importance of having a website that attracts, informs & converts potential clients. It takes more than being an online library or having a look that says, "We're Authoritative." You have to be knowledgeable, yet humane and your site must be genuinely compelling. We'll work one on one with you to design, write & construct a site that helps prospects connect with you, quickly and easily.
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Pay Per Click

Without traffic, your site is not working to bring you new business. Our SEO and PPC solutions work hand in hand to provide you with short term & long term traffic. And, unlike many SEO firms, we have no problems with being completely transparent about our cutting edge SEO and PPC techniques. Let us show you how to get more click for the buck.

How We Build Traffic


Generate Your Own.

Get a jump on the competition with high quality, online leads. generated from your own site! Statistically speaking, leads that are self generated are not only easier to close, they're also easier to generate much higher ticket bankruptcies with. Don't waste thousands on "hot" leads from a slick bankruptcy lead company. Turn your website into a lean, mean, lead generation machine.

Increase Your Pipeline
Products & Services

Turn Your Practice Into A New Business Machine.

With the bankruptcy business getting more competitive by the day, you've got to rev up your revenue the right way. At, we offer a full menu of online marketing services specifically designed for the bankruptcy & debt counselor professional.

Don't risk inferior, expensive "quick fix" solutions that will leave you with nothing but regrets. Invest in your online presence the right way and build your practice's long and short term potential.