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The highest quality lead is either a referral or one you've generated through your own marketing efforts. When a new prospect comes to your site, they'll be able to learn all about your philosphy on the law, the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy versus utilizing debt negotiation, etc. With a well developed site, they should find needed answers easily, while getting a sense of your firm's personality. This means a prospect who's already found reassurance in your message and methods and is that much closer to selecting you.

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Lead Generation.
Leveraging Your Site
Into A High Quality
Lead Stream.

We start with a top down analysis of your website. Is it cleanly designed? Does it let the prospect navigate easily from page to page? Is it highly informative without being complex or condescending? Does it reach the prospect, emotionally without being too “touchy feely?”

We also look at your site's call to actions. Are the form and phone number on every page so the prospect can call or inquire easily? Should you
offer a free ebook? We'll also be discussing CMS, or Content Management Systems, which give you more control of your site than ever before. You'll be able to post blogs, add and change content on other pages and keep your information completely up-to-date, without having to waste time and money calling your webmaster for basic changes.

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Why You Must Generate Your Own Leads.

You've just signed up with a slick new bankruptcy lead service. The first month goes great. You get lots of hot leads and are off and running, writing new business.

After a couple of months, the lead quality seems to change. You can't get a hold of people like you could before, and the people you reach tell you their phone is suddenly ringing off the hook when all they really wanted was a free credit card.

Incentivized leads are one of the plagues foisted on legal firms seeking new business. By investing in your own site's lead generation, you can minimize this kind of blatant chicanery.